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 Death To Spies (ISO DVD) (2007)

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Mesaje : 106
Data de înscriere : 18/10/2008
Varsta : 26
Localizare : Alba-iulia

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MesajSubiect: Death To Spies (ISO DVD) (2007)   Lun Dec 15, 2008 5:29 pm

Death To Spies (ISO DVD) (2007)

"Death to Spies" was the name of a set of counterintelligence departments
in the Soviet Army formed during World War II.
Their mission was to secure the rear of the active Red Army
by arresting traitors, deserters, spies and criminal elements. During the
war these agents became the main force combating the German intelligence

The game's main character is a captain in the 4th department of the Soviet
counterintelligence service. He is a professional spy trained to execute
dangerous operations on his own. During missions he will have to complete
various tasks in the heart of enemy territory including stealing important
documents, eliminating different enemy officers or high-ranking officials,
kidnapping and sabotage.

Game missions are based on real historical events and operations which
were executed by the military intelligence and counterintelligence during
the war.

* Third-person stealth action which immerses the player into the atmosphere
of World War II military intelligence operations
* Different types of missions based on real historical intelligence and
counterintelligence operations
* Freedom to choose the way a mission is completed
* Extensive real-life indoor and outdoor locations

* A variety of different spy skills at the players disposal such as sneak,
hide, carry dead bodies, change clothes, mine objects, throw knives,
sniping, picking locks, setting traps and many others
* Use different vehicles including cars and motorcycles
* Authentic weapons of World War II
* Advanced graphics engine

Download rld-dtsp.part01.rar rld-dtsp.part02.rar rld-dtsp.part03.rar rld-dtsp.part04.rar rld-dtsp.part05.rar rld-dtsp.part06.rar rld-dtsp.part07.rar rld-dtsp.part08.rar rld-dtsp.part09.rar rld-dtsp.part10.rar rld-dtsp.part11.rar rld-dtsp.part12.rar rld-dtsp.part13.rar rld-dtsp.part14.rar rld-dtsp.part15.rar rld-dtsp.part16.rar rld-dtsp.part17.rar rld-dtsp.part18.rar rld-dtsp.part19.rar rld-dtsp.part20.rar rld-dtsp.part21.rar rld-dtsp.part22.rar rld-dtsp.part23.rar rld-dtsp.part24.rar rld-dtsp.part25.rar rld-dtsp.part26.rar rld-dtsp.part27.rar

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Death To Spies (ISO DVD) (2007)
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